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About Apex Ability Ltd

Award-winning Team

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Apex Ability Ltd was founded by Claire Bolton in 2010 and has grown into a dynamic and award-winning team of enthusiastic Speech and Language Therapists.

Claire graduated from the University of Queensland (Australia) in 2003 with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours).  She is an experienced Speech and Language Therapist /  Life Coach who has worked and travelled in both Australia and the UK.  Claire's skills enable her to work with adults and children in a wide variety of settings.

Claire is passionate about her profession.  She gains pleasure from encouraging others to improve to the best of their ability and reach their full potential. This is reflected in the success of her team.  

Apex Ability Speech and Language Therapists have supported people of all ages in schools, charities, independent practice, and the NHS, 

Churchill Fellowship:

In 2012 Claire was the first Speech and Language Therapist in the UK to be awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to visit Canada and the U.S.A. Claire's goal was to learn more about how music can be used within speech and language therapy, particularly following brain injuries/strokes. Claire now works collaboratively with Neurologic Music Therapists, running workshops and presenting at conferences, nationally and internationally.  She liaises with a worldwide network of music therapy and speech therapy professionals.

As a choral singer, Claire has gained specialist skills as a voice therapist, working with professional voice users (including teachers, sports coaches, radio announcers, call centre staff, and singers).


Claire provides workshops on Vocal Heath to professional voice users. She is regularly booked for school inset days to support teachers in preventing voice difficulties.


Business Person of the Year (Bronze Winner)

SME National Business Awards (2023)

Community Commitment Award (Silver Winner)

International Corporate Social Responsibility Awards (2023)

SME London 23 - Gold Winner.jpg

Corporate Social Responsibility Award (Gold Winner)

SME London Business Awards (2023)

Positive Impact Award

(Silver Winner)

SME London Business Awards (2023)

SME London 23 - Silver Winner.jpg
National 2022 - Gold Winner.jpg

Corporate Social Responsibility Award (Gold Winner)

SME National Business Awards (2022)

Positive Impact Award

(Silver Winner)

SME National Business Awards (2022)

National 2022 - Silver Winner.jpg
Womens_Gold Winner.jpg

Chameleon Business Award (Gold Winner)

National Business Women's Awards (2021)

Runner-Up Corporate Leader of the Year

National Business Women's Awards (2019)

corporate leader of the year_RUNNER UP - Copy.jpg

Best Business Woman in Health and Wellness

Best Business Women Awards (2017)

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