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Online Speech & Language Therapy Services

Apex Ability Limited (an award-winning Speech & Language Therapy/Life Coaching practice) successfully and effectively responded to the Covid-19 lockdown by immediately switching all school/individual clients to an online service from March 2020. 

This has ensured that all clients continue to receive speech and language therapy input and all EHCP requirements continue to be fulfilled.

The additional benefits of students receiving online speech and language therapy include (but are not limited to):

  • Parents/teachers able to be involved in sessions and therefore receive all information first-hand
  • Parents/teachers able to implement strategies demonstrated and gain immediate feedback from the Speech & Language Therapist re: if they were following recommendations correctly
  • Parents/teachers able to bring questions and troubleshoot concerns
  • Since parents know their child best, they can give background information direct to the SALT during each session (when perhaps they were not previously able to attend every school based face-to-face session)
  • Some students who are motivated by technology are more engaged during online sessions compared with face-to-face sessions
  • Students remain within their familiar environment (home/classroom) rather than visiting a clinic room, ensuring that they are more comfortable and therefore more likely to demonstrate their potential
  • Students are not limited to seeing their closest Speech and Language Therapist (e.g. if there is a specialist who works on the other side of the UK who has the right skills to support a specific complex student, geography is no barrier)

Teaching staff have been provided with updates following each session, so that they are also aware of the progress of their students. Feedback from everyone involved has been 100% positive.

Apex Ability Limited has also successfully included both educational staff and parents/students in the same zoom session. This means that everyone is aware of the student's progress and will be able to continue to offer appropriate and ongoing support, once students return to school.

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