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Vocal Health 

Education Sessions for Professional Voice Users

"Very clear and confident presentation. Experienced professional who really knew her stuff. Good exercises that I could (and will) use in the future. It made me really think about how important my voice is."


"Super trainer/therapist. Lovely manner and sense of humour too. Excellent information and tools."

"Very good communicator - clear explanations and engaging. Realistic expectations of demands on our time. Good techniques and time efficient exercises."

Prevent, Protect and Project

Bespoke workshops available on vocal health from our Voice Therapist / Speech and Language Therapist. Claire has experience working in voice clinics within the NHS and privately on Harley Street. With many voice professionals in her clinics experiencing career-threatening voice problems, Claire is on a mission to educate and empower others to protect and save their voices (i.e. their 'tools of the trade').  

Claire is a member of the British Voice Association, has a background in choral singing and a passion for supporting professional voice users. 

Presentations are available for (but not limited to) schools, universities, call centres, tour guides, singers, media professionals, museums and businesses.

Learn how to prevent vocal problems, protect your voice and project effectively.

Please contact: for an obligation-free quote.

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