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Music and Speech & Language Therapy:

The benefits of using music and working with

Neurologic Music Therapists

97% of participants rated this workshops as "excellent"

100% of participants would recommend this workshop to colleagues

100% of participants reported that their knowledge of Neurologic Music Therapy and how to work collaboratively has increased

"This workshop was completely awesome. Thank you both for your enthusiasm, creativity and science and making it so incredibly practical as well as evidence based!! It's the best training I've done since the Hanen training 20 years ago!"  

"It was a wonderful, inspiring introduction to collaborating with Neurologic Music Therapists and using music in our work. The speakers were fantastic! A good mix of practical activities, videos, discussion and questions."

"I appreciated hearing why people who stammer can sing fluently. I now feel more confident in answering this question in the future."

"I have an increased knowledge of music therapy approaches and how Neurologic Music Therapists can support clients with communication difficulties."

"It was helpful to gain awareness of the emerging research and growing evidence-base."

"I liked finding out how speech and language therapists and music therapists can work together."

"Absolutely fantastic!  Thank you so much.  I appreciated the ideas for therapy sessions and resources."

"I found the whole workshop very inspiring and informative.  So many great learning points to take home. Fantastic day!  Thank you!"

"I enjoyed learning how to integrate music with speech therapy targets."

"I appreciated the examples of songs to elicit language."

"It was beneficial to learn about different approaches re: how music can be used in speech and language therapy."

"Discussing new techniques and seeing real life examples helped me to learn more about this interesting topic."

"It was a great day!  So much information to take in.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

From Singapore:

"I would just like to thank you very much for coming out and creating awareness around MTs as well as being passionate about working with MTs. It was inspiring and looking forward to seeing you again in the near future!"

From Sydney:

"Fantastic workshop, I have so many ideas to incorporate into therapy and I can’t wait to learn more!" 


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·Learn how music can support communication skills in adults/children (including speech/language development, literacy, autism/social communication, developmental disabilities, voice, fluency, cochlear implants, stroke/aphasia, brain injuries dementia and neonatal dysphagia)

· Understand how Music Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists / Speech Pathologists work collaboratively

· Learn about Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)

· Gain practical skills

· Expand professional networks 

Claire Bolton van Weert is a generalist Australian-trained Speech Pathologist / Speech and Language Therapist / Life Coach with clinics on Harley Street (London, UK) and Chesham (Buckinghamshire, UK). She is the Founder of Apex Ability Limited and currently leads a team of Speech & Language Therapists. Her previous experience includes NSW Health (Australia) and NHS (UK).

2008 Runner-Up Corporate Leader of the Year

National Business Women's Awards

2017 Winner of the (British) Best Business Women Awards:

Best Business Woman in Health & Wellness 

2017 Finalist of the (British) Best Business Women Awards:

Best Customer Service

A Churchill Fellowship allowed Claire to travel to Canada/U.S.A. to learn how music/singing within speech and language therapy can improve communication skills. She has received additional training from The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy (The Netherlands). Claire works closely with Chiltern Music Therapy (the UK's largest team of Neurologic Music Therapists), supporting both adults and children with a broad range of communication needs.

Claire has been running popular workshops for Speech & Language Therapists/Music Therapists in London UK, with invitations to also share her skills/knowledge with colleagues in Birmingham, Belfast and more recently, Brisbane, Singapore and Sydney.  

In March 2017 Claire (SLT) and Elizabeth Nightingale (NMT) were invited to present at the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice Conference (UK). In February 2018 Claire was invited to present alongside Chiltern Music Therapy at the British Association of Music Therapy conference. In May 2018 Claire presented in Australia with Rebecca Eager (Vice President of the Australian Music Therapy Association and Australian representative on the International Council of Neurologic Music Therapy). In May 2019, Claire will be presenting with Reanna Price, a Sydney-based Neurologic Music Therapist.


Reanna Price is the founder of Sydney Music Therapy. She has worked extensively in the NSW Health system in various departments including Neuro, Spinal, Inpatient Mental Health, Oncology unit and the Hospital School. She currently works at Royal North Shore Hospital in the Drug and Alcohol Unit and as well as working for the Department of Education (Special Education). Reanna’s private practice specialises in providing Music Therapy for children, adolescents and adults with brain injury and neuro-disability. Reanna has a fellowship in Neurologic Music Therapy, a Master’s in Music Therapy and an education degree.

Rosie Axon founded and is Managing Director at Chiltern Music Therapy, an award-winning social enterprise and the largest provider of specialist Neuro and Medical Music Therapy services across the UK, as well as providing Music Therapy in the community, care homes, schools and NHS trusts in the South East of England. Rosie previously worked as a Music Therapist at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability and with the NHS Community and Forensic Team in Hertfordshire. She specialises in providing Music Therapy to infants, children and adults with brain injury and neuro-disability. Rosie is a certified Neurologic Music Therapist, one of only two Neonatal Intensive Care Music Therapists in the UK and a certified MATADOC assessor (Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness). 


10 Harley Street, Marylebone, London W1G 9PF, UK

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