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"Claire worked with our 7 year-old daughter,  Rose, for a year. Rose has social communications difficulties and can find it challenging to know what to say in social situations, especially around children her age.  Although they were working remotely, Claire easily made Rose at ease and Rose very quickly opened up with her. They did fun exercises using videos and pictures, to help Rose read situations and others' feelings. Rose found the sessions enjoyable and valuable."

Rose's parents

The needs of the client are truly at the heart of everything Claire and her team do.”



"My husband and I were concerned that our son would not respond well to speech therapy online, however, we were delighted with how engaged he was. His talking improved and he looked forward to the sessions. Thank you."

T's parents

"We are grateful for how promptly Claire and her team initiated a smooth transition to online Speech and Language Therapy services for our school during Covid-19. Whilst we were managing the logistics of online learning for our students, it was a relief to know that Speech and Language Therapy remained a seamless service."

SENCo, school

“Claire has worked with my 7-year old son for the last 17 months, seeing him once a week during term time and occasionally during holidays. My son is non-verbal and has a learning disability, so is not the easiest of clients to work with. Claire has demonstrated great patience, flexibility and positivity whilst working with my son.

During term time Claire was able to get my son to focus for the best part of an hour, something that the school staff were unable to achieve. Claire has always provided great feedback to me, and to the carers who support my son.”

B's Mum

"My 3 year old son, Ben, had a lot to say. But there was one big problem - no one could understand a word he said. All the sounds were mixed up, there were no clear words, and it wasn't getting any better. I think Claire must have sensed the concern in my voice because despite her full schedule, she did her best to squeeze Ben in for an evaluation on a weekend. Claire worked with Ben on a weekly basis for nearly 2 years. When he was hard to work with, she improvised and made it fun for him.  

I remember one session when Ben insisted on sitting in her chair at the desk and instead of asking him to move back to his seat, she pretended that he was the teacher and she was the student. Using this sneaky method, she was able to get through the entire session and practice all the sounds he was working on - and he thought it was fun!

While working with Claire, I knew we were a team. I relied on her positive attitude. Her warm smile and calm reassurance motivated me through the times when I worried if an improvement would ever happen. What impressed me most about Claire was that I could see she really cared about my son. Claire's genuine compassion, combined with her perseverance and can-do attitude, is a winning combination when it comes to helping others. I will be forever grateful to Claire for giving my son the ability to speak."

Ben's Mum

"We always remember Claire as she was instrumental at the start of our journey.  It was a critical time for us and helped to pave the way to where we are today."

S's Dad

"With just four sessions I was able to make significant progress with my speech and I now feel much more confident in a wide variety of situations. I learned just a few specific techniques that could be applied to the full range of sounds that I struggled with. Thank you Claire!" E

"I was a bit apprehensive about my son attending his first speech therapy session with Cressida, as he hadn't had a session before. Cressida was so warm and encouraging. He had a fantastic time and can't wait to go again. I was very appreciative of the feedback she gave and exercises offered for us to practice at home to reinforce what they had learnt until we go again. Matthew can't wait to see Cressida again. I would highly recommend her."

Matthew's Mum

"Dear Claire,

I am writing to thank you for the help and advice you have given since my throat operation. Within 3 weeks of meeting you, my voice has recovered to pre-operation in sound, tone and volume. Your advice was thorough and straight forward. My life has changed, thanks to you. I will always recommend you. The proof of the pudding is in the speaking. My many thanks for your help, Mr Richards."

"Claire, you are a wonderful Speech Therapist and superb in what you do. You have been a vital piece in the jigsaw of Alex's rehabilitation, without your input, your encouragement and commitment to Alex as an individual, he would not have made the progress he has been able to. And keeping me informed at every given point has been remarkable! You have definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty…"


"Austin had only a few sessions with Claire for a stammer that he had since he was a child. The stammer was preventing him from putting his hand up in class and affecting his confidence. As a 13 year old at times his stammer saw him become frustrated and angry when he couldn’t get the words out. Now Austin is a changed child, his confidence has grown enormously he seems so much happier and is participating in class more. He asked why we hadn’t taken him 6 years earlier! Claire showed him how to relax amongst other tools to help the stammer, it’s amazing that such a simple technique can make such a big difference. Claire – thank you! "

Austin's Mum

"Claire has an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm for her work. She is truly passionate and dedicated to her work and she always puts the needs of her clients first. She has a huge willingness to learn and is always keen to share her knowledge and ideas with the team and the numerous students she adopts. She has a way of bridging the gap between music and speech therapy and brings joy to clients with speech difficulties by finding a ‘way in’ through music."

Clinical Services Manager, Care Home

"Claire, you and your colleagues have definitely helped my sister in her speech development, which has resulted in a boost of confidence in her communication skills." N.

"Speech and Language Therapy services provided by Apex Ability Limited has proved to be an excellent addition to Rainbow School. Previously Speech and Language Therapists have often moved on quickly, for various reasons, and this has impacted on appropriateness and continuity of therapy. Sophia Human, from Apex Ability Limited, has built up outstanding relationships with staff, parents and most significantly our pupils. She provides a SaLT service which is second to none.

Sophia has received basic training in Verbal Behaviour Analysis, to enable her to work with our school’s method of teaching. She provides inset training to staff, carries out individual pupil assessments and writes thorough reports for annual reviews. Sophia is very much part of the Rainbow School team, working in partnership with occupational therapists as well as ABA Supervisors, class leaders and tutors. Sophia provides therapy to individual pupils in accordance with their statements of special needs, as well as delivering social skills group sessions. She is cheerful, positive, professional and reliable – and a real asset to the school."

Sally Palmer,

MA, B.Phil(HI), B.Phil(VI), B.Ed.

Head of Rainbow School

Of BeyondAutism

"Claire has been a wonderful teacher for my daughter. She is friendly, encouraging and creative. My daughter looked forward to her weekly speech therapy sessions. Claire made the sessions enjoyable so my daughter was able to stay focused and work very hard - without any of it feeling like hard work!"


"I found my sessions with Sophia extremely helpful in improving the problem that I had with my 'r' sounds. The sessions were very successful". Tim

"Claire has an abundance of enthusiasm and motivation. She strives to continually improve her practice both professionally and personally and is an inspiration to us all. She always listens and is always positive in her outlook. She takes on board suggestions and sees every opportunity as a means by which to expand her knowledge and grow as a person. She is an amazing therapist and a very valued asset to our team. I cannot think of another person who has such passion for her work and for life in general."

Therapy Manager, Care Home

" When we met a few years back, Daniel's speech was difficult at times and he would shut himself down or would take very long to express himself. Today I can pleasantly say that all changed and Daniel is a very confident and well expressed boy, who believes in himself and has no fear of talking. Thank you Claire for your patience and guidance, your encouragement and professionalism."

Daniel's Mum

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