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First Words, Phrases and Sentences: 

Supporting language development in children

One-hour group education session from an experienced Speech and Language Therapist

Learn how to support speech and language development in children who are learning first words.


Speech and Articulation Development in Children

One-hour group education session.

Learn about children's speech development from an experienced Speech Pathologist, with a focus on articulation and phonology


Autism, Communication and Social Interaction

One-hour group education session.

An experienced Speech and Language Therapist will be sharing knowledge on how to support communication and social interaction skills specific to Autism

" The practitioners loved the practical tips and the room was buzzing with excitement when they were leaving!"

Early Years Quality Improvement team

"I really enjoyed listening to Claire Bolton's presentation last Saturday. It was really informative and valuable to my setting"

"I found Claire’s information really useful and very interesting.  It was so helpful to have some targeted advice for when early sounds have not occurred naturally. I also found that the rest of Claire’s information was helpful for the other children in my setting, I could reassure one Mum that her 20-month daughter’s word pronunciation known as Final Consonant Deletion was normal until 3 years. There was truly something for all the children I care for and also confirmation that many of the suggestions Claire made I and my fellow childminders are doing anyway, so that was good to hear."


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